Services and Prices

Truss rod & saddle
adjustment, fret polishing,
fingerboard cleaning
& conditionin
Bone Nut 6-String      $40.00
Bone Nut 12-String      $50.00
Bone Saddle      $45.00
Neck Reset      $250.00 and up
Tongue Shim      $45.00
Convert to Lefty      $100.00
Refret      $200.00
Refret with Bound Neck      $225.00
Fret Dress      $85.00
Loose Fret Ends      $5.00 per Fret
Re-String 6-String      $10.00 + cost of strings
Re-String 12-String      $15.00 + cost of strings
All prices are estimates based on typical repairs,
are subject to change, and additional services/costs
may be added. A quote will be provided
before service is rendered.

For prices on services not
listed, or any specific requests,
please inquire through the Contact Us page.

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